So how does this work?

Interested in preserving a tradition or legacy as a gift for your family? Whether a milestone moment, day-in-the-life piece, or life story, Shanachie Studios works to document these experiences via film and photography for you, your family, and community. Follow the steps below to get started on your own project.


Let’s get to know each other! Reach out via email at to schedule a free, 30-minute phone consultation. This will allow us to talk about the moments that you are looking to capture, any important details associated with the project (i.e. if there is a specific location, delivery due date, or budget), as well as determining whether the project should include film, photography, or both.


Following the phone consultation, a project proposal will be sent for your review via email. This proposal will include details such as, what content will be captured, the date of filming and/or photographing, date of delivery as well as cost. This proposal will be based on details discussed in the phone consultation and is meant to further the discussion as all projects are fully customizable to you and your family’s needs. The proposal provides a structure around the details and ideas discussed in the initial conversation and provides the basis for a second conversation.


After the delivery of the proposal, a second conversation can take place in which the proposed project can be confirmed, or adjusted based on your needs. Once confirmed, or once a revised proposal is sent and confirmed, a final Project Contract will be sent with details of the content, production dates, cost, deposits, and delivery dates.


Once final details are confirmed, the film or photography project will take place on specific, decided upon production date(s). This may include photographing your grandmother cooking in her kitchen in order to create a recipe book as a gift for your family, or even filming a multigenerational wedding film over the course of a weekend. The timing of filming or photographing is determined in the Project Contract to best suit your needs.


It is now time to pull up a chair with your family members to enjoy your final delivered film or photography project! At the conclusion of the production date(s), the images (whether moving or still) will be edited, finalized, and delivered to you according to the details determined in the Project Contract. Feel free to share your family or community’s unique story with those around you, and to enjoy in the years to come!