Family Preservation Projects


Milestone moments

There are numerous valuable moments in your life that deserve to be captured. This may include your parent’s anniversary, your nephew's bar mitzvah, your engagement and wedding day, or even moving into a new house—What milestones contribute to your unique journey and story?


Traditions & Family Experiences

It’s those more subtle, everyday family experiences or annual traditions that we remember fondly in the years to come— Cooking with your grandmother each holiday season, golfing with your parents each Father's Day or Mother's Day, traveling each summer with your relatives to the coast— What if these experiences were preserved as a gift for your friends and family to enjoy?


Legacy Work

For many, family history and generational information is often shared and carried down via word of mouth— What if these important pieces of the past could be preserved for future generations? What questions do you wish to ask your parents or grandparents now?