Your Journey, Your Story

A Legacy Portfolio

Who has had the biggest influence on your journey? What places do you remember fondly from your childhood? Which story of your grandfather’s do you love listening to again and again?

What if all these distinct elements — those valuable pieces of your family history — could be documented in a manner that could be enjoyed, remembered, and passed down to your future generations?

Shanachie Studios recognizes the value of not only those key milestone moments in your life — buying your first home, your wedding, the birth of the first grandchild…


but also those more subtle, day-to-day moments and traditions. Those memories that you carry with you as you journey through different stages of your life.

Teaching your son how to cook your grandmother’s holiday recipes — Learning the story about how your parents first met — Finding out who those individuals are in those black and white photographs

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Golfing each Father’s Day with your brothers — Sharing memories about your journey to America

Interviewing your parents about their family history — Sharing with your grandchildren memories of your childhood home — Preserving your mother’s hands through a black and white photograph

Traveling each summer to the coast with your cousins — Documenting your grandfather’s favorite stories that are told around the table each Thanksgiving — Creating a recipe book with images of your father cooking

Capturing your aunts and uncles sitting around a box of old family photographs, sharing stories from the past — Documenting your next family gathering or reunion

VIEW short teaser above, VIEW full film here

Shanachie Studios finds value in each of these moments that make your family uniquely who they are and their story uniquely your own

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Why not give the gift of preservation to your family?