Shanachie Studios Portrait Information

 The following image selections are meant to show the variety of ways that we could work to capture your image, identity, and Work space in a manner that best suits you and your brand. We can work together on what process may feel best to you, from location selection to clothing. I aim to help preserve your story and your legacy in order to best promote your unique business.


Goals for this portrait session above were to convey a professional, yet friendly tone for both the headshot images and work scenario images. The combination of both traditional and environmental backdrops were used to create variety of options for use on the website and marketing/promotional purposes.

The portrait above was created for a local actor who needed a professional headshot that conveyed a more serious and emotional tone. A traditional backdrop was used as requested.

The “day-in-the-life” sessions above focused on capturing the process and detailed moments of each individual’s passion i.e. skiing in Vermont and training for the Boston Marathon. Natural light was used as it allowed me to capture these moments organically with minimal direction.

The couple sessions above were captured using natural light and environmental backdrops to not only capture the interaction and love of the couples but to also document their connection to specific places. For instance, the first couple wanted to capture the location of their first date in Hartford, while the second couple wanted to preserve their Boston home before moving South.

The portraits above were placed directly in the home, allowing for not only a sense of familiarity and comfort but also for the opportunity to preserve this individual’s unique space and family history. These images used a combination of natural and handheld lighting to accent the moment in a more subtle and natural manner.

Sometimes the best way to promote yourself is to share documented moments of you directly working! This can include a lecture, coaching session, or simple interaction with a co-worker. The purpose is to capture you, as you genuinely are, in the midst of your work environment. This allows potential clients to gain a better understanding of what their experience would be like to work with you.